Whiplash Treatment

Throughout our lives, each one will have stumbled many times and regular cases. Therefore we have a multitude suffered from trauma. Auto Accidents or blows to your head which is visible or palpable scars have emerged, such moments often stay with us.

However, a lower accident such as the hard knocks your head years ago, times like that we usually do not remember us, at least not right away. Our body contrast remembers everything! Sometimes such trauma can cause symptoms right away, but it often happens that gives it many years later signs and symptoms.
It often happens in practice that people with fatigue, after extensive research, are treated at the head because it is the cause. The tenth cranial nerve, the vagus nerve may get pinched by a blow to the back of so many bodies that nerve controls do not function optimally. This may include ‘chronic’ fatigue occur.

As long as the body is in balance, i.e., is still able to compensate, then there is often no problem. However, if after a period of time, the body can no longer compensate, then there arise problems. There is almost always talk of compensation. except when the proverbial drop the bucket overflow occurs, the symptoms become noticeable. In addition, it is very common for appreciable symptoms are not the cause of the actual problem, either the source of the complaint is located somewhere else in the body !!


By means of gentle manual techniques, we try, via the self-regulatory mechanism of the body, the body to be able to compensate for the possibility to give back again. We create the conditions so that the bucket is again military and free up space for the body to compensate flexible and able to respond to all kinds of external influences. With the treatment we try to increase the capacity of the body.



Unfortunately there are many therapies that aim to treat the symptoms and not the cause of the complaints and then make unnecessary use of painkillers, antidepressants, antihypertensives, local massages.


(For more information about Whiplash Techniques: www.barral.nl)