Visceral Therapy

Visceral therapy consists of a specific manual techniques, which is the restoration of a normal, healthy mobility support of the connective tissue surrounding the internal organs. These manipulations focused on the fascia can lead to changes and improvements in the structure and function of internal organs and organ systems and thus help the body maintain its natural health.



Through the work and research, started in the 70s, Jean-Pierre Barral, French osteopath, we are now able to determine the disturbed mobility of the connective tissue around the internal organs, investigate and treat.
Visceral therapy is based on two principles:


All organs, bone structure, muscles and the nervous system are surrounded and connected by fascia (connective tissue). Each internal organ moves within this fascia to own physiological axis.


The visceral therapy is an excellent addition or expansion of the existing traditional way of thinking, examining and treating. J.P. Barral says that more than 95% of the complaints about the locomotor system caused by disturbances in the fascia surrounding the internal organs.


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