Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy originated from osteopathy and assumes that the body is a unit, where all structures are directly or indirectly linked by connective tissue (fascia). In addition to the connective tissue to the CranioSacraal system plays an important role. This system consists of skins and cerebral spinal fluid, which surround and protect the brains and spinal cord.

CranioSacraal therapy focuses on the self-healing ability of the body. A black eye, restore a cut finger or bruised rib injuries in almost all cases by self-healing. An accident, prolonged stress situations or surgery may interfere with possible self-healing power and weaken.
A CranioSacral therapist can help by putting the self-healing process in motion again and the body the opportunity to recover. This is always done by gentle touch of the therapist.

Indications craniosacral therapy for children:  ‘crybaby’, poor sleep / eat behaviour, poor coordination, deformation of the skull and face.

(Over) sensitivities: common sick / tired,   colic spasms, throwing up often,  eczema,  emotional vulnerabilities, restlessness, anxieties,  abdominal pain, headaches, allergies / asthma

For support or relieve: Learning and concentration problems, dyslexia, speech problems.

Indications craniosacral therapy in adults: Balance problems / Headaches / Migraine / Tinnitus pain symptoms, including neck, back and head; acute and chronic allergies Complaints after accident or overload, such as whiplash and RSI Sleep problems and fatigue Digestive complaints Pelvic Instability

For people with psychic malaise: Restlessness and trouble concentrating Depressed showers Burnout Mourning processes and trauma Breaking patterns or can not let go of emotions, concentration problems
Helps: Awareness Processes Individual growth gain insight into spiritual matters
Generally speaking, the earlier stage after trauma start treatment, the better the chances of recovery or improvement.

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