The Practice


The Therapeutic Practice Boom is located in Lifestyle centre Avanty in Steenwijk and in Practice Oshide in Nijeholtpade. There are regularly workshops and courses given by Erik Boom in the field of personal and intuitive development. Beside Erik is the Practice also in hands of his life partner Grëanne Winters. She is practice-supporting in an administrative way and is besides this active as a nature-and orthomolecular food advisor for dogs. 


Erik is specialised in the treatment of whiplash complaints. Especially for people who already had several of medical treatments and can’t be helped medically anymore. Often after several treatments the level of pain and complaints decreases. He also focuses on treating children with various complaints. He is additional educated in the field of Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Therapy. The core of this therapies is to find and treat the cause.


He combines his knowledge and experience as a Physiotherapist (not practicing anymore) with Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Therapy. He aims to treat as many people as possible who medically can’t have treatments anymore and clients with vague and chronical complaints.


Causes can be in several areas. On a physical level, in case of an acute trauma like whiplash. It’s possible that you are holding emotions, which give you tensions in your body and store in the connective tissue. Those tensions take a lot of space and can give you physical complaints. For example in long-term stress periods tensions can store themselves in to a part of your intestines, which can cause all kinds of problems. Digestion problems could be a consequence, also lower back problems because of the direct and indirect connective tissue connections with parts of your back and pelvis.


Treating symptoms has no use for a long-term positive result. In many cases is the place of the pain, the symptom, not the cause of your problem. If you have chronical headaches, you can take a painkiller to release the pain temporarily or we investigate what’s the cause of your problem to possibly live a life without pain and painkillers.


He is connected to the RCN as a Craniosacral therapist. (Register Craniosacral Therapy Holland R0147). In many cases and at the most health insurers, treatments qualify for partial compensation.






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